Recorded in Massachusetts, 2021
Produced by Jaime d'Almeida and Jason DeWaard


Bitter Pill

Did you swallow the bitter pill
How did it feel when it was going down
Was it everything you thought
I want to know everything you found

How do you think it affected me
It made me wonder what's life like for you
Holding on to a bitter pill
The bitter end must have been a thrill

You take your view and you
Can you it back with you
We don't need the lens you use
Too distracted that's the truth

The cycle's clearly infected you
You hate it all what it did to you
Wish you could see now the worst of it
Is something you brought on top of it


She Kept Me Up

She kept me up she kept me up through the rest of the night
I caught my breath and stared at her thinking everything is right
It's not that you don't know what you're missing until it's gone that's not the scene
Cause when you get it you know what you've been missing you know what I mean
Oh oh oh

You can try to stop it
Keep 'em from the sun, well that's just an old myth
And it don't fit
I find that I can I can have it all

They got it all they got it all. Didn't get it from me
I'm not the kind to be so kind I'm more inclined to misery
Somehow it all turned out alright only little bits from me
I have a feeling and it's not much but they'll make their history
Oh oh oh

Hold Me, Wait

You say that they all walk away
Together they all walk away
These precious moments I can't let you slip in and out of it
You make me want to love a stray

Hold Me, Wait

My feelings always get their way
My feelings get in the way
Your precious medals that you show to me doesn't make you feel
The way felt on the day

Master Master

Your sister told me that you made it
Come here and show me
Did you do it on your own or did you fake it?
It just sounds too good to be true

This time it's for the ones
And you can't be going wrong
Take one my love is all
Take one my love is all

The near stars have fallen faster
Hold me and tell me the reason
We're still finding out who is the master
Let's take turns - maybe the way out

Give back and pull out the tasers
Take one for me and be steady
If you turn I'm right on you hipster
Don't lean in or be worried


When you stay longer
Well the weight of my armor
Is weighing down on me
Saps my energy

I can't think about
The things that you talk about
And you lie to me
You want me to be

My mind is opening
On the eve of everything
And it changes me
What I want to be

I feel the danger
Creeping in my head
It's not a stranger
Mr E instead

Didn't know the world was all that bad
Then I woke, I wake up and I'm mad
Made a plan, I'm happy and I'm sad
I ain't going back, I ain't going back, no no

I didn't know how to speak
Manipulated permanently
Laws coming down on me
Find the other family tree

I work my way around
I am learning in my solitude
I'm starting from number 2
There's so much to do

A path that pleases me
12 to 8 was ripe enough for me
And it carries me
Overnight through the morning breeze

Get it out
Never had the guts
To try and shout about
Or put the flame right out

Anchor Love

I don't remember much these days
If I don't write it down today
But in my mind I'll never forget
The love we started the week we met

You're an anchor love

You're always clearing up my mess
I made another one now I guess
This will be a good test of us
We will survive. Must or bust

We go walkin,, trying to get to a better page
Understanding you and I we are both the same


Fade keys on the table
Fade into the cradle there
May, be others who never can
Say, but rumors start in this way

Faith love and affection
Faith is the only session
Trade you for him any old
Day, this world is cruel even when you behave

If omniscient was only a
Gift, give it and get it
If answers were easy
If a lie's within reason

Do you trust your eyes, do you trust your ears
With the lies you hear and how the others fear
Do you trust your eyes, do you trust your ears

Blood is thicker than love and it's
Rough when the younger is covered in
Mud, the source of the words and the
Cuts are deeper and worse

Done I can sleep a lot better
Done that was harder than ever
Friends how will memories come through the
Lens after years have past prob-ly depends

You Always

You always worry 'bout the reasons
He always worries 'bout the time
When someone says that they don't like you
Move on and don't pay them no mind

He always tells you that he loves you
You always tell him that's a lie
But when he gets the chance to show you
Hopes you'll come around in time

That one will always be there
Through all the several seasons
And you can call him on his dime

You always complicate the picture
He always want to slow it down
Don't try to read between the phrases
He love you's on a single line

So Much For Cooler Things

The real thing is here
I think I found it again
Just let me in
I would pay for my sin

The real thing is here
Don't have to take my word
Just take it for a spin
Love will circle back again

Sometimes it can take a second chance to be
Sometime if you want it you can talk to me

The real thing is here
My luck has turned around
So much for cooler things
Your dad is chasing a sound

Turn it up
Turn it down

You Don't Know That

When you're young nobody thinks you have mind
They think right and wrong isn't something you can find
But when you're young is the only time you'll find it on your own

You're a misfit, left to fend on your own
Take a gift kid, and ride it all the way home
Cause when you're young everybody thinks you're good 'til your grown
CEverybody wants advice
But only if it's gonna be right
And only when they get up in age
When it becomes the rage

I have a feeling that I'm almost home