Ruining Perfectly Good Songs
Recorded @ Zippah, 2002
Produced by Jaime d'Almeida with Pete Weiss


Everything’s Graded

Buddy your face tells me a story
It doesn’t look so good
Family of 5, you live in a boardroom
Keep the business alive
Bust up, bone up, burned out
Buddy your face tells me a story

Don’t worry we won’t make judgement today
The day you’re graded it’ll be on everything
It’ll be on everything
On Everything

Harrowing tale of love and destruction
Having only regrets
Pick up the tab — make me a fortune
That fixes everything
Bust up, bone up, burned out
Harrowing tale of love and destruction


Getting To Nicholas

To the other side we go, it's obvious to me
Time was never on our side, you were never there when I was prepared

Blue, my eyes on you, thinking all that we could do
I, I'm where you used to be, but I'm cleaning up for the future me

Now you're coming at me, you're telling me it's time
Now you're coming at me you're telling me your time has come

Wait, can you wait for me, is that too much to ask of you
Understand this is not for you, I'm afraid that's why I don't hear from you

Have you had enough, do we need to discuss

So where are you...are you leading me to?
Is it the same destination, 'cause I won't go there with you


Write This Song

I don’t know how to right my wrongs
I don’t know how to sing a love song
If you know won’t you help my out
I’m fumbling around trying to figure it out

Holiday season is gearing up again
Last year this time we were still only friends
I remember it well, a shower with wine
Maybe it’s wrong that she’s always on my mind

How does is start, how does it go
Talk about wit or her glow?
Did I tell you she’s the one that keeps me up at night?
When she’s gone, very gone.

It’s 10 to 9 and I hope she remembers
This day in the month of September
So won’t somebody help my make this a love song
I’ll pay you quarters but you can’t take too long

She’s back on Monday and I wanna be there
I wanna make my case in the usual flair
Spin around her hand in my hand
Dance all night as long as we can

Write this song write this song
I need it today so move it along
Write this song write this song
I need it today for when she comes home


Message Received, Zero Distortion

Message received, zero distortion
He knows what you’re saying and it’s breaking his heart

You were married on a sunny day, sun was in everyone’s way
On a spot in the South Pacific, didn’t go myself I don’t know specifics
It doesn’t matter I don’t need to know myself
It only matters now that you want something else, hell

He only wants you to stay at home, take care of kids in a traditional role
Make food and answer the phone, that’s the way he wants his home
But now is nothing like 1942
You should have hashed it out before you said I do too

So now you understand what you want in a man
It may not be in him, I just hope he understands.
I am not judging him for what he wants
My one suggestion make sure it’s what you want


F ‘N F

Pictures hanging, cold as if never taken
Of you and us, of you and he and us
Have you cried, have you cried, have you cried, have you cried today
Have you tried, have you tried, have you tried to work out why today
Miles don’t explain your distance to me
Are we as far from you?
Do you want to meet halfway
Let go of the fence you hold
The face I’ll never recognize
The words that cut so deep inside
The look you share without your eyes
See me in my eyes
My hope to let go
I wish the world to wake to your return


One night has become one year and I'm sure we're not done
We'll work on one more whether night, whether year, weather storm

Are we souls? Mate are we more? Whatever the term I want more of this

It's time to explore how we fit, how we think, are we sure?
Yes I'm sure I don't know how we think but I know this is it

My promise to you - that I have no timetable too
Like you I enjoy where I'm at, there's no rush in moving on



40 years, feel like I’ve already spent in here
Too much traffic in my scene, over-reacting so it seems they’re obscene
Gone on 3, still pursuing the California dream
It’s never been me to tell yo uwhat I know, Don’t be impressed, don’t let it show, no, no, no

Try try, in fact dictated by the Holy Ghost
Bye bye, we’d love to have you, love to have you back

Make a base. Stock it full of inherited grace
Planning pages of what to say, broken words and broken ways to say run your own race
Gone on 3. Wherever you go keep your feet on the street
Listen closely to the horn and sax, where you going you don’t need a map anyway


A Case Against Cloning

She’s the one she’s the way I wouldn’t be better off alone
I’d be better off if she’d always be around
My true companion in this world is waking up next to me
I’m waking up everyday with a smile upon my face

Her’s eyes are shut, she lies sleeping I hope the world that she is dreaming
Of the world that she and I can create under the sky
It’s autobio, biographic, she’s well done and she fantastic
Neat, she is good, she’ll be your best friend if she could

There’s only one of her
And I wouldn’t want it any other way

Where’s the bridge — nah, I don’t need it, there’s just 1 message here so read it
She’s the one she’s the way, I’ll walk beside her all the way
Please don’t tell me I’m not trying, if you insist then your are lying
We haven’t had any fights, then again, that’s just alright


Dead Aim

Betty worked at a hardware store, neighborhood shop, neighborhood girl
Skipped school, went away to play, carefully let life slip away
Dead aim as a high school girl, everyone thought she’d rule the world
Didn’t matter what they said about her, her choice was to walk this world

Betty made to the high school dance never giving the boys a chance
All the way to Tennessee, paying her way musically
Dead aim as a high school girl, everyone thought she’d rule the world
Didn’t matter what they said about her, her choice was to walk this world

He moved on had a life of his own, but every now and then he’d go home
He’d see Betty’s family, reminding him that it should’ve been he
Dead aim as a high school girl, everyone thought she’d rule the world
Didn’t matter what they said about her, her choice was to walk this world

He told himself over and over again
Don’t spend time thinking what could have been
Make the one the one you’re with
Don’t spend time thinking what could been


Cranky Pants

You came home from work and you didn’t want to talk
I said baby take your cranky pants off
Don’t come in the bedroom don’t even knock
Until you take your cranky pants off

Take them off, leave them on the floor
I don’t even know what you got them for
Probably on sale, hanging on a rack
But I’m telling you now, take your cranky pants back

45 minutes with a frown on your face
45 minutes of you like that’s a waste
Where’s your smile, did you leave it at work?
Or did it go away ‘cause your cranky pants hurt?
You got pretty legs you got pretty thighs
You got pretty calfs and a georgeous smile
Don’t cover ‘em up, c’mon let’s talk
How can we get those cranky pants off?


My Wasted

Fortune is what you bestow upon me
But now it doesn’t mean a thing
Case in point, take your diary
You’ve decided to search somewhere else for a ring

Step forward step, step away from the mess
Maybe you’ll see the life there
That you determined wasn’t meant for success
That I thought we had, that I thought we shared

Don’t think that my wasted time is all I’m trying to forget

Let me try again I don’t trust my head
My dissappointing self has failed me again
I hope the truth is far far from what I’ve said
‘Cause you and I have so much that needs to be said

We stayed up late and had a goal
Called in sick with a cold
I guess I figure what you’ll do
Leads me to sing to you


Did You Run

Merchant services called today, want to know where you are at
I told them that I didn’t know
That you were hiding out in the back - ‘suppose you didn’t know that I knew about you

They told me what you’d done
Did you do it? Did you run?

You are breaking off a little piece of me everytime you die
A piece on the inside
And you are showing me what it would mean to be like you
Is that what you wanna do?

It’s a long way up, but I’ll be there
Running in circles to let you know I care
A voice in side my head is telling me to stay away from you
That’s not what I want to do
‘Cause I think seeing you the way you are would benefit me too
The good ways about you


Tales From The Sketch Lot

His lungs were full his face was a frown
It was stuck that way, or so it seemed anyhow
He said he’d just come back from a long vacation
I asked him where he’d been, clearly not thinking he was gone

He talked about life, before he went in
And he talked about fights, revenge, and what happened
They came at him first — was it L, was it M?
Then a smile came on his face — he’d struck back at them back at them

Well that’s no way to get, ahead
A cooler head would have stayed, out of it

He thought me a cop with no disrespect
I said I was not, nodding my head
Thinking to myself what kind of life could his have been
What puts you away for 22 years in the pen, in the pen

My lungs are full singing to myself
I hope I can learn from somebody else

Who gave you the knife to take the life from someone else?
Who gave you the right to take the life from someone else?



Have you ever seen the way the North Pole looks on Christmas Day
I know I want to see that with you
Have you ever seen the sun set itself in Sun City wtih someone
I know I want to see that with you

I want to hear I want to see I want experience for me but only if it's with you too
There isn't much I would not touch there's not a walk I would not strut
Only to walk to you

What do you think the moon is like in Marrakesh on a starry night
I know I want to find out with you
How long do you think it takes to sail 27 feet across the Cape Cod Bay
I know I want to find out with you

What's the chance I'm insane
What is it that I really mean
I know, I know, I want to be there with you