Recorded @ Woolly Mammoth Sound, Boston, 2005
Produced by Jaime d'Almeida with Justin Pizzoferrato


Brothers and Sisters

Who do know 'til the end? brothers or sisters
Who will you always defend? brothers or sisters
Oh oh, brothers or sisters
Memories will never pretend. brothers or sisters

Do you know what will run through the blood of my young? I hope

Who can you turn to for love? brothers or sisters
Who forgives when you run? brothers or sisters
Oh oh, brothers or sisters
Some of you don't know the stuff of brothers or sisters

You'll know for longer than your love, brothers or sisters
Your folks will move above, brothers or sisters
So why don't we always love brothers or sisters

Color In My Eyes

The color in my eye is permanently
fading I wanna know why
The people in my life are permanently changing,
I wanna know why

You love and then you die,
but some of us don't try
You have to wonder why

The devil in disguise is permanently changing,
I think that I know why
The lover in my life I'm permanently craving,
I know that I know why

The safety net inside is permanently changing
because of what's outside
The history we fight is permanently facing
a present day divide

Karma In Use

All you sunny people standing in line,
you'll be getting up there in time
Make sure you've got a story to back it up.
Just getting mad won't be enough

All the other people on the other side,
waiting patiently stateside
This is when the karma starts to kick in,
and the headache so you take asprin

Everyone is walking down their own dirt road,
trying to find a way back to their area code
We never got it at Cat 1 I know,
and still they cancelled all the status quo

Feel Good

One in the bank I wanna feel good
Pig in a bag I wanna ride

Open my eyes and feel what's inside
Open your eyes and see what the side says
Open my eyes and see what your rising

Ridin' around my yellow ghost
Ridin' around my leather post
She has a plan to buy a cage
She's in the phone and I'm ok

One in the bank I wanna feel good
Holding a bag without a t-shirt
The arrow's back in over crayshaw


Every person I meet, has a face that I just want to greet
It's all I need
Every place that I go, has a piece of the sun and a glow
So follow me

We've all been in season
Had our numbers raised up high hand drawn

Everything that I do, reminds me of you where you are
I've east coast blues
Every yard that I sweep, with the swing I have history to beat
See you when we meet

Hand drawn

Every stick that I beat, has a sound, your thousands of feet
Every highlight I see, breaks the celibacy it's a dream
So pinch me


She hasn't had a day she didn't think she lost
She loves the sunny days but what do they cost
You usually pay the price when you buy the goods
But the price she pays today is months after the move

Strong enough to stay knowing that the days are long
Smart enough to say she'll be sorry when these days are gone

Picking up a book, settling in a nook
Helps to pass the time, keep a positive outlook
But as people we have needs that fiction doesn't meet
She knows her daily routine is still very incomplete

Sunshine Nation

She has a way to make you smile in the evening
You don't need to ask she'll always be listening
You think you're with this girl
You wish you were

I miss her when she goes to Mexico City
Yes, I guess I'm looking for your pity
You'd understand my state of mind
If you only had my sunshine

I can see her smile across the net in the south sound
Stops me in my tracks like a boat run aground
Give yourself lots of time
To find your own sunshine
Find your own sunshine

Uncomfortable Silence



Heaven heaven, little slice of heaven

Until I get around to finding my way
I'm gonna need a slice everyday

People come visit and they want to stay,
get it here a slice your way

You ain't gonna find it in an old tool chest,
but you mind (just) find it if you take some rest

Count yourself lucky if your woman is nice,
count yourself luckier if she's a slice

Until I get around to finding my way
I'm gonna need a slice everyday

Your Rite

You're right,
a couple minutes ago,
when you told me I didn't know what I have

take it all the way west,
don't look back I don't think I have what you see in your head

So this,
take a note if you must,
I need trust in myself before I can anyone

Your love,
fills a hole in my head,
now the light on the other side shines thru inside

I'm a little higher
I'm a little bit wiser
Don't be sad

You're wrong,
you've been gone for too long,
you've been west and my life's a mess come where you belong

No word,
did you get what I wrote,
I hoped my letter would work to open the door that I closed

Red sand,
running straight thru my hand,
visions leaves as I see the wound, I'm a wounded man

The sea,
takes the blood from my head,
takes the life from me takes the knife from me, lays me in bed


Don't you know we would
walk the world for you
Change our plans for you,
hold our breath for you

Don't you wanna know where you're going before you leave it all behind

Don't you know we would
count the days for you
Roll the bones for you,
pay the price for you

Don't you know we would
give the world to you
Bend our rules for you,
just to laugh with you

Don't you wanna know where you're going before you leave it all behind

Who Goes To Orlando?

When you asked me would I miss you did you doubt that I would
Did you tear apart your carry on looking for the note I always leave for you

When I call do you know it's me? When it's not do you wish it were
You can take your time getting there, won't you hurry coming home

It's a date. I'll see you when you get back
If it's not too late would you mind calling me back

As I write down your name I remember the pictures you drew for me
Now the artist becomes the muse and the art has become a tune

Find the crack, and you can hack into my brain and in fact you will find that I'm missing you